Monday, March 30, 2015

Throw that Corrupt and Crooked Judge Richard Owen - Southern District New York off the Bench, dis-BAR him

Remove Judge Richard Owen, Southern District New York.

Failure to follow procedural due-process law,
Failure to follow substantive law.
This judge makes a mockery of the law and needs to be removed from the bench. He is not above the law.
He denied Martin Armstrong his 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment rights with impunity. Well no more. Throw Judge Richard Owen off the bench.
He also needs to be disciplined by the NY BAR. Failure to obey the law, failure to uphold the U.S. Constitution, the highest law in the land.
Violations of ABA professional rules of conduct by and Attorney and Judge. 

Abuse of discretion. Cruel and unusual punishment of Martin Armstrong.
Martin was Locked up by this judge for 7 years only to wear down Martin.
With his brother-in-law Prosecution counsel Cohen who is not with Goldman-Sachs general counsel.
During this time Martin was put in solitary confinement continuously, and he was put in a cell with a known killer who almost choked Martin to death from behind. Watch the movie documentary below. On the right side of Martins face, that is not scars from acne, that is where this killer smashed a typewriter into Marti's face and jaw knocking out his teeth on this side and putting Martin in a coma for 3-days. 

This judge kept re-newing the 18 month term for Martin for not turning over subpoena material Marti didn't have.

See the documentary movie on this injustice. "The Forecaster". On the life and times of Martin Armstrong. Setup by the department of "Injustice" and forced to sign a forced confession to "conspiracy" just to get out of jail.
And Martin still had to be incarcerated another 5 years for a total of 12 years behind bars.

"New York is, of course, out of control where judges are free to simply alter transcripts changing the words of witnesses after the fact, In an important case, US v Ziccetello, the judge alterations unwittingly favored the defendant. The government intent on keeping its 99% conviction rate, argued that the judge changed the transcripts. On page 97 of the opinion, the Court of Appeals admitted it was a “unique” practice and then said it lacked the power to tell judges to obey the law since it is a 5 year felony to alter such court documents.

If the Appeals Court lacks power, then who possesses such power.

Judge Richard Owen is a real notorious pro-government former prosecutor playing the role of judge. He has handled most of the high-profile SEC cases. Amazingly, everyone seemed to get him.  He took the lawyers away from Steven H. Schiffer in a SEC case and then tormented him so he committed suicide all alone on. Then he would joke about it that he was never overruled because Schiffer didn’t know how to handle himself.

Frank Quatrone of First Boston found himself also before Judge Owen who was also changing the transcripts in his case. In fact, after I directly confronted Judge Owen publicly about changing my transcripts, no newspaper would report the confrontation. However, the New York Times journalist  Andrew Ross Sorkin who wrote Too Big to Fail, came to see me about Judge Owen changing transcripts. The Appeals court directly criticized Sorkin claiming he improperly reported events but still recuse Judge Owen. I spoke to Sorkin and he told me Owen changed the transcript after he reported. . Still the NY Times would not publish the truth about Judge Owen changing transcripts."

Crooked and corrupt judges like Judge Owen, just like doctors, banksters, especially prosecution counsel, like the DAs of NY and police cannot adjudicate their own and police their own. Thus corruption is perpetuated and propagated contiguously.

Throw this judge off the bench. Marti was not the only one over the years who was subjected to this type of ruling. The judge also went as far as to change the court transcript and testimony of defendants and witnesses. This is a travesty to justice.

Throw that Corrupt and Crooked Judge Richard Owen - Southern District New York off the Bench, dis-BAR him. He makes a mockery of Justice. Southern District is Corrupt.
He's forgotten his place, he works for the people as a public servant.

One judge on the appellate judge panel wrote the following:
"Judge Walker’s opinion suggests that there is no discernible outer bound on a court’s inherent power to detain a contemnor indefinitely.   Indeed, the question of whether such indefinite detention is within a court’s inherent power is not before this Court, and I write to underscore my belief that Judge Walker’s opinion should not be construed to license such indefinite detention. The district court’s finding that Armstrong is motivated solely by greed is not enough to justify disregard for due process.   Courts must exercise caution in their use of the contempt power and must recognize when it has reached the limits of its utility.   The Fifth Amendment provides the final constraint on incarceration for civil contempt, and I encourage the district court to be vigilant in policing the boundary-line between the coercive and the punitive."

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Throw that Corrupt and Crooked Judge Richard Owen - Southern District New York off the Bench, dis-BAR him